Anatomage in 2021: A Year Full Of Motions

2021 has been a year full of motions – and emotions for us. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to look back at the top 10 milestones that Anatomage has achieved this year.

Event 1: Virtual Anatomage Tournament

This year, we partnered with 14 regional HOSA and other competition organizations (AACI and WCTSMA) to orchestrate 23 virtual and in-person Anatomage Tournaments. Centered around the philosophy of fight over triumph where no one loses, Anatomage Tournament aims to provide a venue to showcase their medical knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

As 2021 is concluding, we wanted to shout out to all Anatomage Tournament participants and winners who completed the tournaments marvelously.  

A year of recovery and renewal, 2021 brought a return to normalcy for many educational institutions. This includes the openings of new cadaver labs at 

Implemented with cutting-edge technologies that are tailored to medical students’ learning needs, these new cadaver labs provide necessary tools for students to dive deeper into the human anatomy (and physiology) system while gaining practical skills preparing themselves for their future medical careers. 

Event 2: Universities With New Cadaver Labs

Event 3: UGM 2021 | Teaching, technology, trials and beyond

For many of our Anatomage users, 2020 was a year of trials and experiments.

This year, we found a new and safer way to connect with our Anatomage users and listen to their hardships and success stories. At the virtual Anatomage Users Group Meeting 2021, our speakers, Sandy Brown, Nick Washmuth, and Greg Sand, shared their stories of overcoming the trials brought by the pandemic with creativity and strength.

Thank you for letting me join the users’ meeting. I was gobsmacked with the developments and the presentations. All of the presentations that I saw were excellent, particularly those by

Sandy Brown and Greg Sand. It is impossible to believe that you have any competitors.

Sandy’s version stood out the most among the stories of hardship and challenges. By inventing a virtual anatomy lab environment, Sandy Brown allowed her students to access actual anatomy through the Anatomage Table remotely. 

Read more here.

What sets Anatomage Table apart from other 3D anatomy platforms is its digital body portfolio that is modeled after real human bodies. Anatomage Bodies’ life-size forms and accurate anatomy content are proven to benefit not only the medical education space but also forensics and military programs. 

One of Anatomage’s great milestones this year is to have our Anatomage Table adopted into the forensics pathology setting at Orange County & Osceola’s District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office, making it the first medical examiner’s office to own a virtual dissection table. 

And adding to our excitement (and honor), military institutions such as The Medical Education and Training Campus (a United States Department of Defense integrated campus)  and The Citadel also find Anatomage’s 3D technology beneficial to their training programs. 

Event 4: Anatomage Table Goes Beyond Traditional Education

Event 5: Table 8

Life is motion. Believe it or not, our bodies always undergo different kinds of motions – cardiac, kinetic, or ocular motions – which are meant to be visualized. 

In August 2021, Anatomage released Table 8 that allows users to visualize and interact with 3D anatomical and physiological changes happening inside of human bodies. The update delivers upgraded functionalities to Anatomage Digital Bodies making it possible for them to generate motions as if they are alive. With Table 8, Anatomage users can visualize life in motions.

On July 1st, 2021, Anatomage deployed a series of new updates to the Anatomage eBook including:

  • The remake of over 100 of the Anatomy videos for the improved anatomical details visibility (for example muscle videos are redone for clearer illustration)
  • Enhanced UX of Section viewing pages for a smoother transition between sections

Event 6: Anatomy Library At Home With New Features To eBook

Anatomage eBook

Event 7: Anatomage Kicked Off It First Webinar Series

2 months ago, we kicked off our first-ever webinar series that brought together the industry’s most trusted thought leaders who shared their expertise on leveraging technology to elevate medical students’ learning dynamics both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Following the success of the first series, we are looking forward to developing more webinar series that can serve as a go-to source for those who wish to utilize 3D anatomy technology to elevate their teaching experiences.

Anatomage has been conducting in-person training sessions with our new Anatomage users. We visited Merced College, Corona High School, Tustin High School, the University of South Dakota, and Northwest High School. We appreciate that we are now having the opportunity to interact with the Anatomage users in person and we look forward to connecting with everyone from the Anatomage Community. 

In addition to onsite training, we’re begun to attend in-person events such as ACTE starting Fall 2021. Follow our social media pages – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to keep up-to-date with Anatomage activities.

Event 8: Back On The Road

Event 9: Anatomage Makes It Global

Global healthcare is our healthcare. To us, technology accessibility is vital to medical academic progress. This year, Anatomage partnered with our international distributors to connect with international institutes that might find the Anatomage Table helpful. We brought the Anatomage Table to China International Import Expo (CIIE) and received positive regards. 

Our Anatomage Table also gathered media interest from Pakistan. In October 2021, the recent installation of the Anatomage Table at Superior Medical College, Punjab, Pakistan was broadcast.

Before bidding farewell to 2021, we launched a new initiative that’s spun off from our Anatomage Tournament programs. Called Anatomage Tournament X, it’s a call for all education institutions – who own an Anatomage Table – to become the host of Anatomage Tournament. Whether it’s to establish your technology leadership, provide your students an opportunity to acquire leadership skills, or friendly compete with other schools, becoming a host of Anatomage Tournament is a great way for you to create a sense of community where medical science is celebrated.

Learn more about Anatomage Tournament X here

Event 10: Anatomage Tournament X

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