Student engagement is more than students’ interactions with each other – it’s a measurement of how invested they are in learning. To encourage such investment, virtual technology is brought into play. With more than 10 years in the industry, Anatomage has inspired thousands of educators to engage their students through Anatomge Table and other Anatomage products. And now, our Anatomage users want to inspire others.

Anatomage Webinar Series is a free program that features webinars hosted by medical educators who will discuss strategies and philosophies around increasing student engagement and learning quality through technology.

Each webinar will be recorded and published on our Anatomage YouTube channel.

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Upcoming Webinars

  • Title: From Pre-K to Clinical Medicine: How To Apply Anatomage Table’s Technology To Various Learning Levels?
  • Date: September 21 | 1pm PDT
  • Speaker: Dr. Anderson – Professor of Physiology from the Dept of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University – has a Ph.D. in the comparative anatomy and evolution of motor control and the regulation of the movement from the brain. He considers his true passion, though, as distilling curiosity and creativity across all age groups and teaching the wonders of the living world.
  • Webinar description: We will discuss the role of the Anatomage table across all grade and educational levels. While a wonderful addition to a traditional cadaveric experience, Anatomage by itself can be an amazing educational tool for learning about the beauty and diversity of organisms from pre-K to clinical medicine to Elder Hostel. We will demonstrate some simple exercises for recognizing your audience and tailoring the use of the table for the level of education and interest levels.
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