3D Simulations for Science Lab: Quick, easy, and fun

Anatomage’s Science Table provides an immersive and realistic learning experience through virtual scientific experiments. With stunning and detailed 3D simulations, this advanced technology is an essential resource for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics classrooms. By enabling unlimited scientific trials, Science Table saves institutions time and money on traditional lab equipment while promoting deep understanding of science concepts. 

Interactive science lab platform

Lab Reimagined

Interactive science lab delivers unlimited access to experiments without time-consuming, costly setup or exposure to hazards.

3D science simulations


3D simulations enable precise observations of scientific laws and their applications, creating an exciting and engaging learning experience.

Visual aids for Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Extensive coverage of fundamental scientific topics provides visual aids for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and other STEM lectures.

Biology: Life simulation

Our digital simulations deliver accurate models of various biology experiments, ranging from biotechnology applications to the visualization of animal anatomy. By serving as a digital lab platform for Life Science programs, the Science Table allows your institutions to save time and money on expensive traditional equipment needed for intensive lab techniques such as PCR, gel electrophoresis, and microscopy.

  • Medically accurate anatomy content
  • No risk of damage to expensive equipment or living organisms
  • Biology coverage includes biomolecules & cells, genetics, animal anatomy, biotechnology, and more

Chemistry: Hands-on learning

The virtual chemistry experiments provide an exceptional opportunity for students to safely simulate, observe, and study complex chemical reactions. Your students can now explore real-world applications of chemical processes and topics such as oil refining, lithium-ion batteries, and gold plating without exposing themselves to any potential health hazards.

  • Spend less time setting up, more time experimenting
  • Interactive 3D periodic table
  • Chemistry coverage includes atoms, molecules & elements, chemical reactions & applications, lab techniques & applications, and more

Physics: Study in motion

Fun, engaging, gamified experiments allow students to observe an insightful representation of how physics laws work. Tailored to accredited high school and undergraduate Physics programs, students can tap into a wide range of hands-on learning activities to visualize complex physics topics, including light waves, build circuits, and simulate orbital motion.

  • Gamified simulations for engaging learning
  • Playback motion available for reviewing lessons
  • Physics coverage includes motion & collisions, circuits & charges, properties of light, and more
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