Dive Under the Skin of the World’s Most Accurate Human Bodies

Anatomage VR immerses you into the metaverse to explore and learn human anatomy. The anatomy you explore is not an artificial rendering, this is a real human that donated their body to science. The presence of a real human body in VR is quite spectacular. Your students will have the intense experience of exploring highly detailed human anatomy.

Committed to Anatomage’s legacy of delivery of real anatomy, Anatomage VR grants students the power to explore the world’s most realistic human anatomy through a virtual reality headset. It offers a 3D simulation of actual human bodies enabling users to navigate, explore and comprehensively visualize anatomical structures, systems, and pathologies with the highest anatomical accuracy.

Accurate Anatomy Visualization

Anatomage VR is a gateway to access and interact with Anatomage’s renowned anatomy content in the metaverse. Anatomical accuracy is ensured to meet the highest expectation as all anatomy content originated from real human cadavers.

Immersive Learning Experience

Students will be transported into an immersive learning space where they interact with digital bodies. From seeing through different anatomical structures to traveling through various organ systems, students have all these superpowers to interact with human anatomy in a way they can’t do in reality.

A Medical Metaverse For Us

Anatomage VR connects the metaverse to the Anatomage technology with our product portfolios, including Anatomage eBook, Anatomage Table, and Anatomage Tablet. It opens a new door into the medical community – where you can create, customize and share anatomy content virtually.


Anatomage VR grants you the power to visualize human anatomy in a virtual reality world, allowing you to observe anatomical details that you can’t see in our physical world.

Take a deep dive into the human body to investigate below the skin and view each organ system in immense detail. Originating from real human cadavers, the body’s natural colors, size, and volume have been preserved to create a true-to-life dissection experience. The anatomical accuracy of Anatomage Bodies provides students with the most realistic virtual cadavers in the world.

  • Features a female body and a male body for 3D anatomy interaction
  • Visualize more than 2,500 anatomical structures
  • Play 71 unique anatomy shows to see through anatomy regions


Beyond digital bodies, Anatomage VR offers a vast and insightful database for users to explore all things anatomy.

An incredible journey into the human body is now achievable with Anatomage VR . With 10 new flythroughs, it’s now possible to venture into the urinary system, small/large intestine, stomach, reproductive system, pharynx, and heart to see what it’s like inside a living human body.

From exploring different diseases from 300 real-life patient cases to examining abnormal anatomy in 3D through our transformative CT viewer, students can improve their medical literacy while learning how to identify pathological findings.

  • Venture into a living human body through 10 flythrough tools
  • Analyze CT/MRI scans from real bodies
  • Explore 536 curriculum-focused lessons


With Anatomage VR, students can explore Anatomage Table’s human anatomy content like never before. Step into the role of a surgeon with the power to dissect, explore and rebuild highly detailed human anatomy.

Anatomage Bodies are made using real cadavers, making for a state-of-the-art anatomy experience.

Anatomage VR connects Anatomage technology to the metaverse, allowing users to take advantage of the device compatibility between the Anatomage eBook, Anatomage Table, and Anatomage Tablet.

  • Enter the metaverse where real anatomy can be accessed, interacted and studied with
  • Engage with Anatomge Bodies in virtual reality
  • Join a community where you can create, share and customize anatomy content
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