Anatomage VR Tablet: Real Human Bodies In True 3D Virtual Reality

Anatomage VR Tablet is a cost-effective virtual reality solution that simulates floating 3D stereoscopic images of real human bodies. As a portable touchscreen device, Anatomage VR Tablet is anticipated to become an essential learning tool for students who want to access, review and process true anatomy materials after school.

Real Anatomy Content

Anatomage VR Tablet’s content is derived from the renowned Anatomage Table’s real human anatomy data. It gives life to the donated human bodies by restoring their anatomy to the original forms through 3D projections.

VR Experience On Touch Device

Anatomage VR Tablet can display floating 3D images that can be interacted with, touched, and manipulated for better views at your finger tip. This offers convenient access to a virtual reality experience to visualize real human anatomy.

Cost Effectiveness

Anatomage VR Tablet offers a budget-friendly, alternative route to access Anatomage Table’s real human anatomy – from digital bodies to pathology library – aiding students in learning anatomy concepts.


Anatomage VR Tablet transforms real human anatomy data into 3D stereoscopic images that intrigue students’ learning engagement. Complex anatomical structures (e.g. vascular structures) can be visualized in floating 3D projections, making it easier for students to appreciate and understand spatial anatomy. 

The tablet features two digital bodies that are highly segmented and annotated for easy anatomy references.  

  • Features 2,500+ anatomical structures for each digital body
  • Includes 71 unique anatomy shows for studying regional anatomy
  • 536 total presets for curriculum-focused learning


Anatomage VR Tablet’s content is strictly tailored to follow standard anatomy courses and programs,  assisting students in autonomously reviewing anatomy concepts after classes. As a touchscreen tablet, students can use their fingers to navigate the device’s content and explore the entire ecosystem of human anatomy in true virtual reality.

Using content from the Anatomage Table, users can personalize their existing Anatomage learning experience to achieve personal academic goals. 

  • Integrated with Quiz Mode allowing for self-evaluation
  • Offers remote access to real anatomy content through digital bodies and pathology library
  • Step-up the existing Anatomage Table’s learning experience


Anatomage VR Tablet enables a life-like, interactive 3D stereoscopic view of medical conditions. With more than 300 disease cases for clinical analysis, Anatomage VR Tablet allows users to inspect anatomical abnormalities through real-patient cases directly on the tablet.

Users can also reconstruct CT/MRI scans into 3D stereoscopic display for better visualization. This functionality assists users in reading imaging data and identifying clinical findings associated with the diseases.

  • Clinically learn to analyze 300+ human pathology cases, from rare to common disease, in virtual reality
  • Be introduced to a virtual pathological diagnostics process
  • Provides a 3D stereoscopic video of human diseases
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