Traditionally, students are assessed during Anatomy labs using written exams or plastic models. Using these methods, assessing complete three-dimensional anatomy can be challenging – which may hinder students from thoroughly understanding anatomy.

At Winthrop University, instructors use the Anatomage Table in their Anatomy labs to enhance student learning by tailoring lessons specific to course content and quizzing students in game mode. This allows students to practice with three-dimensional digital cadavers, while improving their learning experience

Replace the traditional quizzing method with the Table’s quizzing features

Faculty are now incorporating the Anatomage Table into their lab courses to enable students to review the course concepts independently and in small groups. At the end of the lab, students are grouped into teams of six to eight members to complete a quiz at the Table, reviewing the key terms they learned on that day. Through this approach, students can receive immediate feedback on their performance, unlike many traditional methods of assessment.

The Anatomage Table’s quizzing tool is a built-in feature that enables instructors to customize testing options. The instructor can create a preset of selected anatomical structures and ask the students to identify those structures through multiple options – including keyword selection, flashcard, or multiple choice.

For example, the Anatomage Table has helped students review the systems of the human body, including muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. In one instance, the faculty have utilized the Table’s quizzing tool to test student understanding of muscular, digestive, and nervous system anatomy. Specifically, the quiz content covers particular anatomical structures related to the organ system studied on the same day.

Not only does this method help students reinforce course concepts before leaving the lab, but it also fosters an exciting learning environment that promotes active learning. Many students report that they find the Table useful in their learning of Anatomy and Physiology.

Tailor quiz content through Anatomage Concourse software

Creating quiz content for the Anatomage Table is made particularly easy through the use of Anatomage Concourse software. Winthrop faculty can create specific lesson plans and quizzes at their convenience using this software in a location separate from the Table. This creates flexibility when the Table is shared by many instructors at an institution. As one professor commented, “It’s easy to use the software with a mouse and keyboard and to import/export presets. Excellent tool!”


Guenther, Courtney (June 11, 2019); Phone Interview
Photo credit: Winthrop students using the Anatomage Table (submitted by Winthrop University)

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