About Us

As a market leader in medical virtualization technology, Anatomage enables an ecosystem of 3D anatomy hardware and software, allowing users to visualize anatomy at the highest level of accuracy. Established in both education and healthcare industries, Anatomage is transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis and treatment planning through its highly innovative products.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop innovative technology that visualizes anatomy at the highest level of accuracy. As the pioneer in 3D anatomy visualization through life-size digital dissection, our goal is to become a platform that improves every aspect of healthcare.

Anatomage products are used in tens of thousands of clinics and hospitals both in the US and internationally. These include image guided surgical devices, surgical instruments, radiology software, imaging equipment, and display equipment. Anatomage has established partnerships with leading radiology equipment companies; they use Anatomage software as their exclusive imaging software shipped with units.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Anatomage has thrived in a place where innovation is a part of the culture. Anatomage has been continuously developing creative, leading-edge products for the medical and dental industries since 2004. Our products have been featured in TED, BBC, CBC, Japanese Fuji TV, and PBS. Anatomage continues to lead with innovations that set the new standard of the future.

What our clients say

Once in a while you come across a company or product that is head and shoulders above its competition. Anatomage is such a company, and Invivo5 is such a product... What also makes Anatomage great are the people working for the company... Anatomage is a great company to work with because it provides superior product and superior customer service to its clients.- Dr. Vladimir Polyakov, D.D.S., OMFS
In almost two decades of placing dental implants I have found Anatomage to be extremely precise. Their 3D workflow is unparalleled. Most importantly, it is the people behind Anatomage that are extremely knowledgeable. They have a genuine interest and passion in seeing my cases go smoothly.- Ramsey A. Amin, D.D.S., Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology /Implant Dentistry
The Anatomage Table, a technologically advanced, touch interactive, visualization system for true human anatomy...The table will allow our partners, clients and sponsors to present to their audiences the particular illnesses and pathologies that are being tackled by them.- The Health House
I have been using Anatomodels on every patient for over 7 years now in my orthodontic practice. I can't imagine diagnosing, treatment planning and practicing without it. We have a virtual patient on every patient with Anatomodel. It is our one and only orthodontic record and the foundation of our treatment conferences. Our treatment conversions have soared through the roof because of it. Patients really understand their problems and see the solutions - and so does the doctor!- Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD , MS - South Miami, FL