Online Access To True-Human Bodies And 3D Anatomy Content:
Only Available With The Anatomage Lessons

Anatomage Lessons helps you search and find everything about the human body through cloud-based access to Anatomage Bodies and a collection of interactive anatomy and physiology videos – where students can access a vast source of anatomy information anywhere 24/7.

Tailored to accredited Life Science, Anatomy & Physiology high school programs, Anatomage Bodies offers visual and textual guidelines to major human anatomy and physiology concepts.

All visuals follow the rich media formats (video, interactive animations, 3D images), making it possible for students to watch, engage and manipulate anatomical structures for 360-degree viewing.

Visually Learn From True Human Cadavers

Visually Learn From True Human Cadavers

Anatomage Lessons enables users to accurately visualize the anatomy and physiology concepts of a true human body. Each of the concepts is accompanied with instructive descriptions and medically accurate anatomy images that catch users’ attention and help them memorize the terminology better.

Increase Learning Activities Anywhere

Increase Learning Activities Anywhere

With Anatomage Lessons, teachers can encourage students to review A&P topics before, during and after class. Not only does it allow students to be fully prepared for A&P lessons, but it also helps with shaping students’ learning habits.

Amplify Student Engagement Through Interactivity

Amplify Student Engagement Through Interactivity

As an online, web-based platform, Anatomage Lessons has an advantage over the traditional textbooks – interactivity. This makes students feel like they are playing anatomy games instead of just reading a ton of texts, therefore boosting their interest in learning anatomy.

Anatomage Bodies On Cloud

Anatomage Bodies allow you to visually explore different levels of details about a human body. You will be able to interact with more than 2,500 anatomical structures in both female and male bodies. Through Anatomage Bodies, you can quickly locate any complex body part instead of spending too much time searching for it through textbooks.

Anatomage Bodies are designed to be interacted like physical cadavers. This means you can manipulate the bodies to reveal deeper anatomical systems, starting at the skin and descending deeper to the muscles, lungs, liver, digestive tract, and skeletal tissue.

  • Include male and female bodies digitally reconstructed from real people
  • Interact with more than 2,500 anatomical structures with annotations
  • Engage with the Anatomage Bodies through different views, including click-to-zoom, up-closed and cross-sectional views

Engaging Anatomy & Physiology Lessons with Real 3D Anatomy

Digitally modeled after real people, Anatomage Bodies enable an accurate anatomy learning experience. All structures are reconstructed from real specimens, allowing for true-to-life color and size.

In addition to the Anatomage Bodies, the Anatomage Lessons platform offers visual and textual guidelines for major human anatomy and physiology concepts. Through each anatomy lesson, there are pre-built activities to reinforce the lesson’s learning objectives. And users can customize the Anatomage Bodies to fit their lesson’s goals.

Throughout the anatomy chapters, there are 150 activities for students to explore anatomy directly related to their learning.

  • 42 chapters of Anatomy & Physiology concepts
  • Interactive videos featuring accurate anatomy
  • Histology slides included

Access Anatomage Table’s Content At Home

Anatomage Lessons lets Anatomage users engage with the Table’s content at home – or anywhere. Instead of waiting in your cadaver lab, you can now turn on your laptop and access anatomically accurate, life-size human bodies. Designed for online classrooms, Anatomage Lessons enables instructors to customize lectures and lab activities while away from the lab.

Student learning can be evaluated from various Quizzing and Activities tools.

  • Remote access to Anatomage Bodies
  • Ideal for remote Anatomage Table users
  • Improves material accessibility in medical learning

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