Bring Realism Into Veterinary Science

Anatomage Table Vet promotes an innovative, interactive, and holistic approach to veterinary education. Featuring the world’s most comprehensive canine cadaver, the Anatomage Table Vet promises to bring animal bodies back to life and visualize them in 3D accuracy.

In addition to the world’s most segmented dog anatomy, the Table Vet also includes a diverse library of animal cases. Through the combination between Anatomage’s photorealistic 3D visualization and real anatomy content, the Table Vet aims to improve learning outcomes for veterinary students while setting technological standards for institutions.

3D Visual Realism

The Anatomage  Table Vet brings realism into veterinary education by providing an absolutely explicit 3D visualization of animal anatomy. The platform features 3D animal bodies – which include the world’s most detailed canine cadaver – that assist anatomy inspection.

Accurate Representation

Introduce a high-quality approach to animal learning using digital veterinary models. Unlike physical animal cadavers, the Anatomage Table Vet’s animal bodies are reconstructed from actual animal data allowing for correct anatomy visualization during dissection.

Diverse Anatomy Content

Visually compare animal anatomy with humans through a diverse case library consisting of comparative study cases with synchronized dissections of multiple cases. Students can learn to identify anatomical differences between human and animal bodies.


As Anatomage Table Vet contains real-tissue animal bodies, it offers an unprecedented learning experience for those who would like to interact with real animal cadavers in a chemical-free, technologically inspired space. With Anatomage’s renowned 3D visualization capabilities, Anatomage Table Vet allows students to visualize animals’ living, internal and microanatomy safely and ethically.

  • Real animal anatomy content
  • 3D layer-by-layer dissection capabilities
  • Explicitly segmented structures


The Anatomage Dog is the first highly detailed dog anatomy atlas that comprehensively features internal organs, including vascular systems and muscular-skeletal structures. Originating from real dog data, the Anatomage Dog exhibits the highest level of anatomical accuracy. All of its volumetric 3D and individual structures are segmented, users can peel off structures layer-by-layer to reveal inner details. Individual structures are also fully annotated. 

  • Simulate surgical cuts & identify specific structures
  • Drive student engagement and success
  • Supplement animal dissection with virtual dissection


Table Vet comes with a diverse anatomy case library with 285 animal cases and pathology reports. Users can learn how to identify abnormal anatomy – including suspicious masses – that stem from potential carcinoma or fungal infection.

  • Features 285 annotated animal cases
  • Includes a diverse range of species
  • Delivers a 3D hi-res visualization 
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