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Global Distributors

The Anatomage Table and all its products are used globally — in fact, today there are Tables on every continent but Antarctica. Headquartered in California, Anatomage has two additional offices in Milan and South Korea to better serve our customers abroad. We have partnerships with only the most respectable and trusted distributors internationally, ensuring we have a web of providers that offer timely service in the proper language, and with cultural sensitivity. In the case of sales to countries where we have not found a representative that meets our exacting standards, we handle all the arrangements ourselves, providing training and arranging shipping.

Anatomage Community

When you purchase an Anatomage Table, you do not only get all the high quality contents developed by Anatomage, but you are also part of a global community of educators and researchers who have already spent time developing their own content and ideas on how best to incorporate the Table into a wide range of curricula and disciplines. With hundreds of Tables sold worldwide, Table users can enjoy informative annual users group meetings and developmental programs on an international scale. The Table products are also supported by an excellent team to ensure that the Table is not just a product, but rather a community of users.

Distributors By Country

Please refer to the map below for information about your local distributor.

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