Take cadavers beyond the lab with Anatomage Tablet

Anatomage Tablet is a portable learning platform that inspires students to stay connected with learning wherever they go. Built to make real anatomy data easily within reach, Anatomage Tablet provides instant access to digital cadavers, anatomy videos and pathology references for hands-on classroom activities, homework, and autonomous learning. 


Anytime and anywhere

Enhances the learning experience with immediate access to real anatomy resources, ideal for complementing traditional textbook study.

Amplify hands-on learning

Enriches classroom activities with hands-on cadaveric 3D exploration, assessment activities and self-guided learning resources.


A cost-effective route to access real human cadavers while letting students gain clinical exposure through expert-verified clinical resources. 

Real human cadavers on a tablet

Explore over 2,600 labeled structures in two digital cadavers, featuring male and female anatomy. Students can engage with cadavers in many ways, from performing cuts and exploring anatomical systems to rendering volumes for 3D analysis. In classrooms already using the Anatomage Table, students can study the Tablets prior to labs to enhance their familiarity with dissection procedures, furthering their learning.

  • Real anatomy digitized from actual human bodies
  • Touch-responsive with zoom and rotation functions
  • Systems and structures can be highlighted, selected and removed

300 CT/MRI case studies

Get hands-on clinic practice without leaving your school or home. With the Anatomage Tablet, you can explore 300 real-life patient cases and look at pathologic anatomy from different angles–just as medical professionals do with their DICOM scans. Students can add filters for a clearer view or use the measuring tools to check the size of wounds or tumors.

  • Showcases both normal and abnormal anatomy
  • Each case includes specific patient details
  • PACs supported

71 anatomy videos

Inspect regional anatomy in 3D with 71 anatomy videos. Available in a rotating carousel format, videos are a perfect way to introduce students to new regional anatomy concepts. With accurate and immersive visuals, videos can be used in class, during lab sessions, or for studying at home. They simplify anatomy learning, helping to explain the tricky parts of the human body.

  • Covers both male and female regional body parts
  • Anatomical annotations included
  • Illustrates extreme detail and high-resolution

Diverse learning tools

Enrich your classroom with Anatomage Tablet’s wide array of learning aids. User-friendly resources such as Flat Color, Structure Pronunciation, and Anatomy Measurement tools support students in their autonomous learning journey. Teachers’ assessment activities also become more impactful with diverse quiz formats, including flashcards, multiple-choice exams, and anatomy identification tests.

  • 75+ sets of presets included
  • Quiz results can be exported
  • Language translations available
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