A Gateway To Your Anatomage Community

Anatomage Share is a free account that allows Anatomage users to share and store files with others to enhance their usage of the Anatomage Table and other Anatomage products. Anatomage Share account holders can exchange files and ideas through messages on the platform.

Compatibility Between Devices

 Create your own custom presets and quizzes on the Anatomage Table, upload them to your Anatomage Share account, and instantly view them on all of your Anatomage devices for easy compatibility.

Import and Store Custom Files

 Each Anatomage Share account can hold up to 1 GB of your private worksheets, lab activities, VPF files and other custom files for viewing on any of your Anatomage devices. Share your worksheets, presets, and activities with the community and receive unlimited storage space.

Join the Global Anatomage Community

Collaborate with users across the globe with Anatomage Share’s content library. Explore a portal filled with lesson plans, quizzes and other teaching materials created by your peers.


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