Anatomage Classroom Package Anatomy Learning

Anatomy Classroom of Future:
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

Our future starts in the classroom. In today’s increasingly digital world, inspiring students to engage with anatomy and science subjects requires a significant investment in 3D tools and technology that can translate complex concepts into practical experiences.

To prepare students for a future full of healthcare challenges, Anatomage has introduced the Class Bundle that includes an Anatomage Table, 8 Anatomage Tablets, and 50 Anatomage Lessons licenses.

The Class Bundle facilitates an innovative 3D anatomy workstation that transforms your classroom experience into a productive learning environment. Students can practice virtual dissections using the Anatomage Table, enhance their reading skills on the interactive Lessons platform and use the Tablet to look up important terminology. Anatomage Table, Tablet and Lessons all provide students with a powerful set of tools to prepare for their future professions.


Virtual dissection and functional anatomy simulations.

Provides on-demand, hands-on access to a digital anatomy lab for students and medical professionals to experience virtual dissection and functional anatomy simulations.


Access online lessons, 3D visual resources, and learning materials for Anatomy and Physiology programs.


Anatomage Tablet

Designed for students to easily search and identify any anatomical structures with just a few taps.

A glimpse into the 3D anatomy laboratory workstation

Anatomage’s Class Bundle integrates practice experiences into classroom activities, providing students with a range of learning opportunities that prepare them for advanced education and healthcare professions. With Anatomage Table, students can engage in cadaveric dissections, while the digital textbook and tablet allow for exploration of CT scans and terminology. This highly immersive environment bridges the gap between theory and practice, giving students the tools they need to succeed in their future careers.

Interactive cadaver labs

Immerse your students in an interactive learning experience with Anatomage Bodies. Developed from actual human bodies, Anatomage Bodies enable students to interact with 2,950+ anatomical structures with the highest level of accuracy. Additionally, interactive dissection capabilities allow students to explore real anatomical structures in a virtual environment that closely resembles real-life scenarios.

  • Explore 2,950+ real anatomical structures
  • Perform unlimited cadaveric dissection
  • Interact with digital cadavers the same way they would with a physical cadaver

Practice-based clinical simulations

Bridge the gap between theory and practice through a clinical case library that offers access to real-life patient cases. 3D visualization of pathology allows students to easily detect anatomical abnormalities, enhancing their knowledge of clinical anatomy and diagnostic procedures. In addition, CT view is available for students to experience radiological activities right in the classroom and gain familiarity with real-world clinical terminology and scenarios.

  • Investigate anatomical abnormalities in 3D
  • Access 1,500+ real-patient clinical cases
  • Participate in clinical scenario-based simulations

Engaging learning right at home

Learning doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom. With our on-demand learning platforms, students can access high-quality Anatomy and Physiology lessons from the comfort of their own homes. By remotely accessing digital cadavers, students can reference anatomy when encountering challenging concepts while reading the physical textbook. 

  • Unlimited access to online lessons and resources for Anatomy and Physiology
  • Remotely dissect real human bodies on cloud
  • Quickly search and identify any anatomical structures of 11 human body systems
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