The Anatomage Digital Library contains a plethora of human anatomay cases, including detailed regional scans, and interesting medical pathology cases. Take a look at a few samples below.


The Anatomage Digital Library also contains a variety of interesting animal anatomy cases, including detailed cross sectional scans, and full body scans. Take a look at a few samples below.

Brain Aneurysm
Fractured Metacarpals
Amputated Lower Limb
Atherosclerotic Calcification
Peripheral Nerve
Knee Fracture
Skull Aneurysm
Torso Sagittal Section
Lumbar Needle
Conjoined Twins
Knee Implant
Ectopic Pregnancy
Dog Full Body
Dog Cross Sections
Mouse Full Body
Pig Full Body
Sheep Full Body
Rabbit Full Body
Turtle Full Body
Tortoise Full Body
Full Body Sample
Human Embryology Contents