Anatomage Table 6

Magnify anatomy to the next level with the latest Anatomage Table 6 software update. We’re always working to significantly improve the accuracy of our photorealistic anatomy content. Our Table 6 update contains the most accurate human anatomy content with dynamic 3D visualization tools and interactive testing features. We invite you to actively experience and engage with never-before-seen real human anatomy on the Table’s latest platform.

Anatomical Realism

View photorealistic anatomy developed from real human cadavers. Experience a complete and striking journey into the human body. Teach the most accurate anatomy at the highest-level.

Massive Content Collection

We’ve built-up our immense content collection with more unique anatomy visualizations. View origin and insertions, vivid 3D prosections, and extensive gross and regional content.

Leveled-Up Learning

Challenge students with built-in and customized quizzes directly on the Table. Students can interactively test their knowledge and engage with material on the Table’s game mode.

Real Human Anatomy

All of the highly accurate anatomy content available on the Table was created directly from human cadavers. Visualize photorealistic anatomy in fine detail up to 0.2mm that’s difficult to observe on cadavers. We’ve segmented and annotated over 2,000 3D structures for easy visualization and reference.

  • Real anatomy content
  • Visualize structures in fine detail
  • 2,000 individually segmented structures

New Gross Anatomy

With our latest update, we’ve added a new female cadaver for a total of 4 real cadavers on the Table. The cadavers are fully annotated and segmented for easy visualization and reference of structures. Multiple cadavers serve as a resource for students to compare anatomical variations.

  • Newly added real female cadaver
  • 4 different cadavers to compare variations
  • Visualize anatomical diversity

More Regional Anatomy

View major regional anatomy from across the body in up to 0.2mm. Compared to our cadaver full body cadavers, our regional structures include an even finer level of vivid detail. Smaller regional content files allows for users to visualize structures in extremely high resolution. Experience a medical school-level of anatomy education with fully segmented and annotated structures.

  • Over 20 high resolution regionals
  • View structures in photorealistic detail
  • Newly added: head & neck, male/female abdomen, & more

Next Level Quizzing Tools

Table 6 includes a huge variety of unique new quizzing and examination features! Bring your classroom sessions to the next level with interactive quizzing and competition modes. Students will be able to utilize different testing options for an engaging and hands-on learning experience.

  • 5 different testing options
  • Both pre-made and customizable quizzes
  • Includes selection, flashcard, multiple choice, and competition mode

Expansive Prosection Library

Prosection contents are the newest addition to the thousands of photorealistic cases currently available on the Table. By having access to real-life 3D prosections, students have a full cadaver lab experience. They’re provided with medical school-level anatomy content without needing to be in a cadaver lab.

  • Full cadaver lab experience
  • 60 photorealistic prosection cases
  • Includes head, heart, liver, torso, limbs, & more

Histology Slide Collection

Quickly and easily reference micro-level histology when viewing anatomical structures. With our new histology linkage tool, students can tap on any structure in the body and view the related histology slides for it. Students visualize real anatomy while growing their understanding at a cellular level.

  • Linkage tool for easy histology reference
  • Easily view histology examining structures
  • 1,000 histology slides available

Fly-Through Internal Anatomy

Our newly added Flythrough Tool gives you a 1st person interactive look into the human body. Simulate endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopies and arthroscopies with our interactive new tool. With this tool, users have the opportunity to visualize physically impossible endoscopies from a completely unique perspective.

  • Simulate endoscopic procedures in major body systems
  • Flythrough important pathways and structures
  • Visualize physically impossible endoscopies
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