Anatomage TableEDU 10 Update

To request a TableEDU 10 update, select one of the following request forms.

Online Request

Please select ONLINE if you can connect your Table to the internet for the duration of the update and would like an online installer link emailed to you.


Offline Request

Select OFFLINE if you cannot connect your Table to the internet and would like an offline installer USB shipped to you.



Is the update to TableEDU 10 free?

Yes, the update is free whether you are updating from TableEDU 9 or from a previous version as long as your hardware is compatible.

What are the minimum hardware requirements for the update to TableEDU 10?

The recommended GPU is RTX 1070 or higher which applies to most units shipped after 2016.

I have TableAlpha on my unit. Is this the same as TableEDU?

TableEDU and TableAlpha are different versions of the Table software. The Table 10 update is only available for TableEDU at this time and you will be notified via email once TableAlpha is available.